Traditional Chiropractic Book

As the years pass, it seems as though more terrifying diseases are arriving on the scene. Autoimmune disorders, Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes, cardiovascular problems, viruses, and many other serious health conditions continue to make their way into our lives. On the surface it is made to look like the pharmaceutical companies are burning the oil day and night in an attempt to find a cure for these deadly diseases. Can you picture all of the scientists in a very sophisticated laboratory setting, donned in white gowns peering down into rows of microscopes? It is the hope of the average person that one of these scientists will produce a cure for Cancer or for one of the other previously mentioned plagues currently terrorizing humanity. Don’t hold your breath. It’s not going to happen!



Do you know how much money is made by pharmaceutical companies each year for the treatment of Cancer? What about for the treatment of AIDS, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Influenza, the common cold, headaches, depression, or Rheumatoid Arthritis? The answer is billions of dollars. That’s right – billions of dollars are earned every year by transnational pharmaceutical companies that have patents on various drugs that are used to treat symptoms associated with these deadly diseases.

Pharmaceutical companies depend on these diseases to make large profits every year. It wouldn’t be very smart for a pharmaceutical company to conduct research that would lead to a cure for a specific disease. Why would a company want to destroy a cash cow? 

The healthcare industry is in the business of managing symptoms and conditions of sickness. There is not much money to be made by producing cures but quite a lot of money is collected in the management of various diseases. The sicker people get the more drugs they will require and the more profits to be made by the pharmaceutical companies. This is a vicious cycle and it is quite a convenient scenario for an industry that is determined to expand its market annually.

Traditional chiropractic has a simple philosophy and a professional objective that goes against the principles of  organized medicine. Traditional chiropractic theory makes so much sense that it infuriates the Medical Establishment. In 1987 Federal Judge Susan Getzendanner of the United States District Court found the American Medical Association, the American College of Radiologists, the American College of Surgeons, as well as many other medical organizations, guilty of conspiring to destroy the chiropractic profession. This is not a Hollywood movie script. This really happened and the guilty parties only received a slap on the wrist. 

Chiropractic has been under attack for many years and when one fully understands the logic behind this profession’s objective it becomes easy to see why the multi-billion dollar drug industry would not want it around. Chiropractic and its practitioners represent a major threat to the traditional healthcare model. The strong medically backed unions have made it a top priority throughout the years to try and silence chiropractic’s voice of common sense in an otherwise insane industry.

The beauty of chiropractic is that the profession’s objective is so simple to understand that even a young child could comprehend how it works with the controlling laws of nature. When you read my new book, I am hopeful that your understanding of healthcare will change. If I am able to help some people see a clearer picture of what is really happening in our world, then I will have accomplished one of my very personal life goals!


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