Teaching Your Patients Chiropractic

Teaching Your Patients Chiropractic is the ultimate practice building tool for the subluxation centered chiropractor.

Best selling author, Dr. John Reizer provides a step by step guide for doctors on how to educate the American healthcare consumer about the principles of chiropractic.

A Book Review by Dr. Leslie M. Wise (Straight from Sherman Magazine)

“Dr. Reizer has written a straight-forward and practical guide for chiropractors who wish to teach their patients the simple principles of chiropractic without necessarily miring them in the arcane depths required of students and practitioners in our field of study. He provides a rationale for the necessity of patient education as well as explicit examples of brochures and scripts for communication with patients and potential patients. His model new patient orientation is a concise presentation of just the right amount of information, neither weightily burdensome nor air headedly superficial. Reizer’s three previous books have covered the important topics of starting and operating the successful chiropractic practice, and this latest contribution fills in a few blanks concerning how to ensure that your patients are knowledgeable about chiropractic. We can all stand to be reminded of the importance of patient education, and ‘Teaching Your Patients Chiropractic’ serves as an excellent guide to this important part of practice.”


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