Once in a Lifetime: The Story of a National Championship Little League Team


The story of the 1975 Little League World’s Championship is told by one of its participants, young John Reizer. It’s the complete story of how the Lakewood, New Jersey All-Star team was picked, how they became a finely-honed playing unit and how they went on to win fifteen straight games, the fifteenth, the biggest win of all, at the Little League World Series.

John Reizer, the second baseman on that championship team, first introduces you to each member of the team, telling a little about their personalities and how they stacked up as ball players. Then comes a game-by-game account of how the Lakewood All-Stars did it, starting with the New Jersey championship, going on through the division tournament in Maryland, and their eventual coming out on top to be the Eastern representative in Williamsport against teams from California and Florida. But there were none better out of over eight thousand teams that started after the title in the first place. No, Lakewood’s young men won it all, and in a fine way, too.

Read all about it; it’s a baseball story worth repeating.

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