Depression Proofing Your Chiropractic Career

How will the world’s changing economic conditions affect your chiropractic career investment?

Bestselling chiropractic author Dr. John Reizer explains, in his latest book, what he believes is “really happening” to the U.S. economy and how the recession/depression of 2008-2009 could permanently change the way chiropractic practitioners operate a practice.

The book is a quick read and will challenge you to begin asking questions about the various genres that make up the fabric of our perceived reality. This is one publication that will absolutely change the way you view the economy, our nation and the professional career you have chosen.


Will The Downturn In Our 2012 Economy Affect The Chiropractic Profession?

Since September of 2008 many citizens have become more than a little concerned about the downturn in our nation’s economy. During that same time span I have received numerous emails from practicing chiropractors, chiropractic students and future students that wanted my candid opinion about how the current economic conditions might affect the chiropractic profession. This is, without a doubt, a hot topic that has been on the minds of many people.

The doctors and students that have attended my college lectures in the past know that I have, for many years, predicted the economic challenges/conditions that are currently taking place in our country and around the world. Because I was able to accurately forecast, to some degree, what has recently come to fruition in the economic world I am often asked by colleagues what I believe is going to happen next with the global/national economy.

It has been my very good fortune, over the years, to have witnessed countless scenarios where the human body was able to successfully adapt to its constantly changing environment in order to preserve its existence. As a doctor of chiropractic and a student of the innate logic of human physiology, I am continuously reminded of just how resourceful and intelligent living systems are. Whether we examine complex physiological models such as ourselves or more simplistic presentations that are commonly found on a cellular level, it becomes blatantly obvious that the key to preserving all things living lies within their amazing abilities to make important modifications in response to the ever-changing environmental conditions they encounter.

Our great profession is based largely on the premise that the inborn intelligence of living human beings will be more effective and better received over the nervous system when certain types of interference (vertebral subluxations) are removed from the equation. What we have garnered through our professional training, that has prepared us so well to care for our patients, might also be the blueprint we will need to observe, in the coming months and years, if we are to survive the economic turmoil that has seeped its way into the very fabric of our nation and is directly threatening our private practices. Because we are now experiencing, in our country, very difficult economic conditions that we have never before witnessed we must create an adaptive strategy to be able to survive in this new climate. If we do not adapt as a chiropractic profession we may find ourselves in a very uncomfortable situation.

 I believe that the ability to recognize and fully comprehend the nature of a given problem is vitally important if you ever desire to solve it. To pretend everything is fine in the world and to embrace a reality construct that is largely based on misaligned or misguided perceptions can be a recipe for disaster.

There are very difficult financial times looming on our horizon and many chiropractic patients are going to be affected by a downturn in the nation’s economy. We must adapt quickly to these changing conditions in order to meet our patients’ challenges or face the consequences of our indecisiveness.

I believe that we can no longer afford to do business in the same familiar and usual fashion. Business strategies that were quite acceptable to follow or implement just a few years ago will not be very useable tomorrow. What once created a successful practice environment for doctors might create an opportunity for failure in the current/future economic climate.

On a more positive note, I believe that the poor economy will eventually create a huge influx of new patients for our profession. My theory is based on the idea that as the economy continues to move south, more people will lose health benefits and the opportunities for continued employment. The same people will still have a basic need to remain healthy and in order to meet this need they will explore alternative and less traditional healthcare avenues. This scenario will provide, for the chiropractic profession, an opportunity to help a huge segment of the population that would otherwise never consider the services of chiropractors.

   In my opinion, the opportunities that are forthcoming are virtually guaranteed but the various successes of different practitioners are not. We must prepare for a new type of patient in the not so distant future. We must be flexible in our thinking and willing to adapt to change.  What exactly that change might be is still to be determined. It might be the way we collect professional fees and the types of insurance products we accept. It might mean adapting to a system of socialized healthcare or the switching to an all cash practice scenario. It might mean the implementation of a barter system in order to survive. The answer to the question is coming in the future and not so important at this moment in time. The environment that exists at any given time will dictate the changes that are needed at any given time. The willingness to change along with the understanding that change is going to be necessary are the two concepts that members of our profession must fully embrace.


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