Chiropractic Made Simple

Chiropractic Made Simple is an interesting book that explores the more traditional subluxation – centered approach to chiropractic care.

Dr. John Reizer, a chiropractor for over 32 years and a former Associate Professor of clinical sciences at Sherman College of Chiropractic, writes about America’s largest drugless healthcare profession.


According to the author, learning to work with the controlling laws of nature and not against them is the key to achieving true health for patients. Dr. Reizer goes on to state that many of the current objectives of modern allopathic healthcare are antiquated and disrupt the natural healing tendencies of human physiology.

First released in November of 2002, “Chiropractic Made Simple” was a top-selling chiropractic book within the United States for many years.


“Chiropractic Made Simple isn’t just a collection of personal essays on chiropractic… It contains factual and practical information on topics such as how to choose a chiropractor, children and wellness, chiropractic education, subluxations, chiropractic research, etc… Reizer’s books have won critical praise from chiropractic readers.”

– The Chiropractic Journal – May 2003

“Chiropractic Made Simple is an interesting book that sets out to explore the more traditional subluxation-based approach to chiropractic care… Dr. Reizer’s experience as a chiropractic provider and college instructor has helped him to uncover what he considers to be one of the best kept health secrets in the world – the chiropractic spinal adjustment… Although controversial to some, many of the topics that are discussed in this book should be explored in further detail by the average person.”

– Hidden Mysteries Books – Frankston, Texas – February 2003

“Dr. Reizer’s book ‘Chiropractic Made Simple’ tells it like it is. The author doesn’t dance around the many sensitive issues which surround the chiropractic profession. He dives right into the controversial items and gives laypersons an opportunity to learn the truth about chiropractic philosophy. Very few authors have the courage to write about many of the topics covered in this text. Some will be shocked when they read this book while others will be turned off by the author’s claims that allopathic medicine has conspired through the years to eliminate chiropractic from the healthcare market.

This is an excellent book written by a doctor who has a vision of a very different picture when it comes to healthcare for people in the world. Dr. Reizer’s book encourages its readers to perform their own research projects about health related topics. It also encourages people not to rely exclusively on traditional news sources for information about their own health.

In addition, this book serves as an exceptional introduction to subluxation-centered chiropractic for both prospective chiropractic students and patients. Many of the philosophical components which are often difficult for new students and patients to grasp are simplified throughout the book. The author obviously has an extensive background in chiropractic philosophy and his unique writing style permits the novice to be able to gain valuable insight about these important concepts.

I recommend this book to any person who would like to learn about the true benefits of being under chiropractic care.” – Thomas – Davenport, Iowa

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