About the Author

Dr. John Reizer has authored numerous best selling chiropractic books for students, doctors, and laypersons. He has also authored several interesting science fiction novels.

Some of John’s books have become standards within the chiropractic profession and have been carried, for almost a decade, in the college bookstores and libraries of many chiropractic institutions of higher learning in the United States.

Dr. John Reizer is a December 1986 magna cum laude graduate of Sherman College of Chiropractic. Born in Lakewood, New Jersey in 1963, he currently resides in Inman, SC and privately practices in Boiling Springs, South Carolina. John is married to his wife, Melissa. They have a daughter, Kayla.

Dr. John Reizer

Dr. Reizer was a full time faculty member at Sherman College of Chiropractic from 1998 – 2010 and has taught numerous graduate level courses in chiropractic technique, x-ray analysis, diagnostic interpretation, chiropractic philosophical applications, and chiropractic communications.

2 responses

  1. Jackie Velnoskey | Reply

    Dear Dr. John Reizer:

    We have done a recent Internet search for new books, and noticed that you have written Pull Your Head Out of the Sand: Because What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You.

    My name is Jackie Velnoskey. I am the director of book marketing and promotion at America Star Books. My question for you is this: may I promote the book at the American Library Association annual Conference and Exhibition in Chicago, June 22-25, 2017, expected to attract about 20,000 of the nation’s librarians? It costs you nothing. All I’m asking you in return is if we may add you to our book marketing email list. You may at any time unsubscribe, and we will promptly cease sending you any further emails.

    I oversee the book promotion department at America Star Books that does nothing but offer book marketing at the lowest fees in the industry. We attend all of the big fairs and festivals: Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, London Book Fair, Frankfurt Book Fair, Miami Book Fair International, the American Library Association mid-winter and annual Conferences, as well as Book Expo America. With your permission, there we will include your work in the Hot Indy Author Guide that we’re displaying and distributing during the ALA event. No strings attached.

    What’s in it for us? Over 2,500 self-published authors decided to participate in one or more of our paid book promotion opportunities this year. That’s how we earn our keep, and that’s why we prefer to have authors such as you on our email list because that’s how you would become aware of what our next book promotions will be. Participation is optional, always.

    Thank you for considering this opportunity. I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

    –Jackie Velnoskey


    America Star Books Special Services, director
    phone: 301 744 7589
    P.O. Box 151
    Frederick, MD 21705

    1. Dr. John Reizer | Reply

      Hi Jackie,

      Please feel free to promote any of my publications at your events, through catalogs, etc.

      Best wishes to you and your company.

      John Reizer

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